metaphor one


one of the better metaphors for the environmental crisis is the one al gore used in his movie AN INCONVIENENT TRUTH .    this is the metaphor of the frog who does not jump out of water that heats up gradually .     the frog boils to death when at any time the frog is free to simply jump out of the water .    the frog is the human race and the tempature of the water is the diminishing supply of oxygen .      humans will simply suffocate to death and wont understand until its to late .


a metaphor that I came up with that I like is a car racing twords a cliff .     the cliff is the line where the planet becomes uninhabitable because there is no oxygen .     at any time the car can slow down or turn around .     yet it does not and goes off the cliff .     right now we need to slow down and turn around .      the human population going up is us going to the cliff .    the population going down is us turning around and going away from the cliff .     lets please not go off the cliff .     


another metaphor , or alagory , is muddin .     three members from the cast of BUCK WILD , a show on MTV , went four wheeling in west Virginia .      this was not part of the show but on their spare time .      they got stuck in the mud and called for help to get towed out and sat there and waited .    the muffler was under the mud and the cabin started to fill with poisonous carbon dioxide , which you can not smell .      at any point they could have opened the windows or turned off the engine , or left the car .    but they did not think to do this and they gradually all just took a nap .    they never woke up .      humans need to open the windows and turn off the engine .     right now the human race is falling asleep and we wont wake up .


my favorite musician is roger waters .      he used to be in pink Floyd before he quit and then they would not let him back in .     anyway , rog released his final solo album around 1990 called AMUSED TO DEATH .     its a great album and its about how humans basically amused themselves to death and then died rather than realizing that all this " entertainment " that we pre occupy ourselves with is just horse shit and what matters is using our minds to think and save earth .      


when I tell people that humans need to stop breeding they tell me then there will not be any more people .

well , you can make a comment that is technically correct and also very stupid


me and fred are at a restaurant in clevland .    I say to fred , hey , lets drive south and go get some beers at a bar .      fred says , if we drive south we will drive into the gulf of mexico and drowned .     we , fred , of course is technically correct .     if we drive all the way south into the ocean we will drown .     however , this was a comment that was both technically correct and very stupid .


me and fred are in his apartment and its 95 degrees inside .   I say , hey fred , lets turn on the air conditioner .     fred says , if we lower the tempature we will both freeze to death .     of course , fred is technically correct , if we lower the tempature to -100 degrees and stay there we will freeze to death .     so fred has made another comment that is both technically correct and very stupid .

so , when I tell people that humans must stop having babies now and people tell me that if we do that then there will not be any more people , I tell them that they are both technically correct and very stupid .

everyone alive today will live on a planet that is overpopulated .    everyone alive today will die on a planet that is overpopulated .    everyone alive today will spend their entire life on a planet that is overpopulated .     killing the planet is the ultimate crime .    we have no right to destroy the enivonment .      this is a crime against future generations that we are all guilty of committing .     having a kid is a crime against the future .     having a kid is a crime against earth .     having a kid is bad for everything including the kid .    it is wrong to bring a child into a world where there is no clean air or water .     

the usa should be the leading in sounding this environmental alarm .        the usa has failed dramatically in this , its most important duty .      as a patriotic American this is very sad and embarrassing .      my country has let down not just everyone , but also everyone who will exist in the future .      I have spent my whole life trying to right this wrong and I will continue to fight the good fight .      I find it amazing that I am the only one who has been on the correct side of this battle for my entire life .      



Charles is teaching English at a university in Hangzhou , china , in 2016 , 2017 and 2018 .     Charles will return to the usa in 2018 or 2019 .     Hangzhou is about 110 miles south west of shanghai .    

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