please vote for me , charles webster baer , for mayor of bend oregon usa on november 6 , 2018 .    thank you .


hi , Im charles and Im running to be the first ever elected mayor of bend . 

I think that bend is a great place and I think that all the city councilors have done and will continue to do a great job .

I think that all the people running for mayor are fantastic people who will do a very good job as mayor . 

I think that I am the best choice for the job for a variety of reasons .

I think that I have a unique perspective on the future of bend .

I think that bend can lead the state , nation and world on the two most important issues of this millennium .

fiscal transparency in government and equal rights .

to learn more about these ideas please visit my web site , . 

I also have lots of good ideas for the local issues that I detail in the two lists below .    both lists are the same .   the first list is the short version , the second list is an expanded version of the first list .

I am a 49 years old , never married , not kids .     I am a libertarian which means that I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal .     I am a buddhist , an atheist and an agnostic .     I have lived in bend for over a decade .    I have lived in oregon for the entire millennium .    I was born and raised in santa cruz , california .    I graduated from the university of hawaii at hilo on the big island in 1994 with a BA in political science .     I think that bend is in a unique position to lead the world in progressive politics online .     oregon always has and always will lead the nation and the world in progressive politics , and that is true now more than ever .      the political leadership in oregon is poised to lead the way in environmentalism and equality for the entire human race in this crucial time in our history .     



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9 - MORE


1 - I would , as mayor , push for a 10 year phase out plan to ban all motorized vehicles from downtown .

the area would be wall street and bond street from franklin to greenwood .   3 blocks .    in 2020 , vehicles would only be allowed downtown on the weekends and from midnight to 6 am on the other days .       in 2022 , vehicles would only be allowed downtown from midnight to 6am on all days .     in 2024 , vehicles would only be allowed downtown from 2am to 5am all days .   in 2026 vehicles would only be allowed downtown on weekends from 2am to 5am .    in 2028 vehi .cles would only be allowed downtown for emergencies .     in 2030 , no vehicles would be allowed downtown unless of fire or other disasters . I would only do this if most of the buisness owners downtown wanted to do this . 

2 - I think that anything that can be made a park within a 20 mile radius of pilot butte should be made a park immediately .    we need to do this now while we still can .    we need to protect our way of life and keep bend bend .     we dont want bend to turn into portland .     this is a big deal with me and we must preserve bend while we still can because in a decade we wont be able to do this .     big parks all over the place will help keep this town special and beautiful forever .

3 - neff road points to prineville like a giant neon sign .    this is where bend will grow forever and there is no stopping it .    we must focus our infrastructure in this direction .   the future of bend is east and we must imbrace this fact and take the steps to continue this .     

4 - I support an annual gay pride parade in bend and also a gay rodeo .     Im not gay .    Im straight .     and I dont really know what a gay rodeo is but Im sure it will be lots of fun .    the gay rodeo will be held in prineville or la pine or sisters a week after they have their rodeo .     if this does not happen then thats ok but I will push for it as mayor because I think its a great idea with lots of room for people to just do whatever they want and have a great time , like the oregon country fair .

5 - I think that we should legalize the production and sale and use of magic psylocibin mushrooms and treat it just like we treat the legal pot issue and regulate it like that .      magic mushroom are easy to grow and in my opinion , are good stuff for most of the people who choose to do it responsibly .

6 - I think that the city government of bend does a fantastic job of fiscal transparency .     as mayor I will make sure that every financial transaction that the city of bend makes is put online publicly and immediately .    this will show the way for the entire state to follow suit .     this will show the way for then entire nation to do the same .     this will be the template for the whole world to aspire to .     this is all about freedom .     use it or lose it .

7 - as mayor , I will make sure that every female has the right to full reproductive rights .    this means that every female in bend has total and free access to all forms of birth control and birth control education , including abortion .     this to will lead the world on this critical issue .    this is the bedrock of equality and freedom for all people on earth .    this is the future .    this is how we are going to save the environment .    by creating a permanent and sustained decline in the human population .    this has been my main issue that I have been fighting for my whole life and the people of bend can truly save our environment and our species by attacking this issue head on on a global scale .     this is a great chance for the people of bend to be on the cutting edge of history and truly be the voice for a new world of sustainability , equality , common sense , reason , and all that good stuff .

8 - I would like to use eminate domain to put 2 to 4 parking garages on both sides of the parkway between greenwood and franklin .

9 - I would like to cut down that pondo thats about to fall on the library parking lot downtown .     I would like to ban trapping .    I would like to put lights on the wave at colorado bridge for night surfing .     



thank you very much

charles webster baer

bend oregon usa 

541 797 3236