the mission of global internet government is allow every person to have access to all information about their government in a fast , accurate , and easy way .

gig will build perfect on line governments for all nations and then work to build perfect off line governments for all nations .  

gig will continue to lead the way in breaking new policy this millennium .    

gig supports the 


this is a document that states that , in this millennium , all humans have the right to drinking water , food , and gig .

people who do not have these things have a legitimate issue with there government and can use gig to address this and other issues to keep matters peaceful and civilized .  

the mission of gig is to classify all nations in terms of gig certification


nation does not meet gig criteria

financially certified

nation meets economic gig criteria

legally certified

nation meets legal gig criteria


nation meets all gig criteria

all nations will be classified as one of these four gig classifications on january first of every year .

for a nation to be financially certified , that nation must have a ballanced budget , a ballanced budget amendment , debt under 2% of gross domestic product , inflation of under 3% for 3 consecutive  years .     full and immediate transparency for every government financial transaction .     

for a nation to be legally certified , this nation must be a democracy with a free press on line and off line , freedom of speech and religion , equality for women and total and free access to all forms of birth control for all females .    

nations that are fully and currently gig certified and then greenlighted by gig to begin negotiations with each other to merge can begin .      two or more nations can merge into one nation , or they can economically merge into one economy , or they can ecomonically merge into one currency , or they can economomically merge into one digital currency , or they can economically merge into on global digital currency called gig bux  .      gig bux is made up or one gig buck and people can buy fractions of that gig buck .