its very easy to join gig .     first , you have to support gig .     to support gig you must support freedom of speech on line and also you must support total female reproductive rights globally .     if you support those two things then you support gig .    if you support gig , then you are a gigga .      giggaz plural .        so join us , spread the word , and lets save the earth .       saving the earth is fun , and its good for you , mentally , physically , and emotionally .       

gig is global , online , political and social movement to simplify and mainstream environmentalism .        more trees , less humans .      humans are good , but like everything , to much creates a problem .     we have created a problem , and gig is the solution .     

once you become a gigga , then try to convert as many people as you can .     use social media .     this is a grass roots , organic movement of the punk ethos , DO IT YOURSELF .    be the change that you want to see .     pay it forward .   

I am unable to dumb this thing down any further

by registering on gig , one then becomes a gigga .     that means you support gig .     that means you support freedom of speech on line and female reproductive rights .    if you dont support both of those things , you are not a gigga , and encouraged not to register to gig so as not to misrepresent yourself . 

giggaz can eventually use gig buk .    gig buk is a digital currency .      the total amount of gig buk available to everyone forever is .3 of a gig buk .    you can buy a fraction of a gig buk for whatever the current rate may be .      

all giggaz will have an individual gig number , which will be a 15 digit number , which is public .    all giggaz will get a gig isp number , which is a 16 digit number , which is public .   

the american mainstream media is , and always has been , shit .   

in the past , that was ok .     its not ok any more .    

america , and the world , need to evolve and improve and they need media that allows them to do that .      the planet needs media that can scale , media that can address the new issues , and media that can be customized to the individual .    

gig is the only thing so far that can do this stuff .     

gig was created in this millennium for this millennium .      

all the media on line now is just crap from the 1900's .      gig is the only thing out there that can bring everyone into the present and future .