environmentalism is a word that no longer has any meaning .    it is time for a new logical green movement that actually will save the planet .    that movement is called depopulationism .      history will record that the depopulationism movement began in 2019 in bend Oregon usa and its founder was Charles webster baer .    
as a depopulationist , it is my opinion that the only way to save humans is to create a signifigant and immediate and sustained decline in the human population on earth .     this would allow more trees to grow and produce enough oxygen for future generations to breathe .     this is also known as sustainability .   the best way to do this is to promote GLOBAL FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS , or gfrr .   gfrr means that all females on earth have the right to total and free access to all forms of birth control , including abortion  , and all forms of birth control education .      governments that do not totally and immediately support gfrr are illegitimate governments that will be replaced by legitimate governments .   to do this I created gig 19 years ago , www.globalinternetgovernment.com .    gig will work with the united nations to promote equality and freedom and gig will work with the international monetary fund to promote government fiscal transparency .      the imf will make gfrr its main priority .     eventually all people will be able to control their own body and their own minds .     after this occurs we can move into step two of the process .    step two is more of a cultural and social and even spiritual stage in the evolution of civilization .    this is where people become enlightened enough to realize that they should not have more that one child and having zero children is an even better option .      when the number of humans on earth reaches a sustainable level , then we are at stage three and people can have as many or as few kids as they want .      no one knows what this number is and this is a number for future generations to determine .     Im guessing its around two billion people on earth .     I hold everything that I have said to be self evident .     it is time for people to vote only for people who say they are depopulationists .     it is time for people to only visit news organizations that say they are depopulationist .     it is time for people to enter this new era , this new millennium , this new understanding of this new world .    it is time for all of us to be part of the solution .     men have destroyed the earth and it is now up to women to save it .       me have killed the environment and it is now time for women to bring it back to life .     humans have stolen the future from those who will have to live it and now its time to give it back to them , the rightfull owners , the people who will walk on this earth long after we are gone .   the people who will write the history books that will judge all of us who walk this earth today .      the cause is depopulationism .      join me today and be a depopulationist .      vote dPOP .     support dPOP .      be dPOP .     live dPOP .    choose life .    choose the future .    be part of the solution .      be a depopulationist .     get ahead of the curve and ride this tidal wave with me all the way to the white house and beyond .

Charles webster baer

bend Oregon usa 

march 24th , 2019