m a p s 


in 2018 gig will be buying out various mapping companies and various chat room companies .   these will be turned into gig maps .    gig maps will be of earth , moon and mars .     giggaz will register to a city and country .    giggaz will be able to make one post a day of 400 characters or less on the city chat and country chat as well as one post on earth , moon , or mars .     there will also be maps of regional regions and economic communities .     regions will be underground , underwater and solar system space and interstellar space .    this will all be free , but giggaz can buy a paid subscription that will give them more public posts and private posting rooms .  all chat rooms will have a choice of moderated and un moderated .    moderaters will be elected every 3 months .      

there will also be a gigpedia that giggaz can post on .