this is the complete history of the universe 


15 billion years ago the universe may or may not have existed .

if the universe did exist it was to small for humans to currenty comprehend .      then it grew .

if the universe did not exist then it was " created " .     this is called the big bang theory .    

as the universe grew , it expanded and cooled .      it started out as dark energy and then became dark matter and then became sub atomic particles such as protons and quarks and leptons and bosons .     these expanded and cooled and becames electrons and protons and nuetrons .     these became hydrogen atoms .       the universe then was one large expanding cloud hydrogen .       gravity acted on some of these hydrogen clouds and drew them together .      the pressure at the center of these clouds created fission and fustion and created stars .      gravity acted on these stars to form galaxies .      the stars formed the elements .

5 billion years ago our sun and planets were created .    

one planet was earth .      as the earth cooled    and water escaped to the surface and formed oceans .    

4 billion years ago bacteria was created and life began . 

this life mutated and evolved into plants and animals .

3 million years ago humans evolved in africa.  

100,000 years ago humans left africa to spread out all over earth .   

10,000 years ago humans created civilizations .

these civilizations created language , science , society , culture , nations .

2500 years ago the greeks created the foundation of western civilization .     the italians then copied this civilzation and spread it through out eruope .

2500 years ago buddha created the " soul " .

this idea spread east to china to form buddahism and west to israel  to mix with judahism to form modern religion .

then 500 years ago was the industrial revolution and technology .

then 300 years ago in america freedom and human rights were developed .

these rights continue to be developed to day .

100 years ago people started to overpopulate the earth and destroy the environment .

this continues today .

if this keeps going on then there will not be enough trees and plants on earth to create enough oxygen for us to breath and we will all suffocate to death .     that would be a drag and we should attempt to avoid that out come .    

the best way to do that would be to create a signifigant and sustained decline in the human population on earth . 

this is a very simple and logical way to look at this situation , unfortunately , many people have not gotten the memo .

the people who dont understand this should be removed for positions of power with the vote or whatever available methods exist .

Im going to assume that my species makes it to the next millennium .

in the next million years we will colonize the the solar system .

in the next billion years we will colonize the galaxy .

in the next few billion years we , and our robot ancestors , will colonize the universe .   

after that Im not to concered with what happens next .

and that , my friends , is a very brief history of the universe .

charles webster baer 

bend oregon usa

november 21 , 2018