the universe may have been created 14 billion years ago .      if so , fantastic .      if not , then 14 billion years ago the universe existed , yet it was so small , it was a size that was to small for the human brain to conceive .      its got bigger .    fast .     the universe then had a big bang .   after that , the universe was an energy plasma of dark matter , and dark energy .     this is stuff that is so small we cant see it .     this stuff then expanded , cooled , and formed quantum particles like quarks , nutrinos , leptons , bosons , etc .     this stuff expanded and cooled and formed atomic particles like protons , nuetrons and electrons .     this stuff expanded and cooled and formed hydrogen atoms .     then the universe was a giant cloud of expanding hydrogen .     

as this hydrogen universe expanded , gravity pulled hydrogen clouds together .      the pressure and friction go so great that nuclear fusion began and stars were formed .     galaxies were formed .     five billion years ago our sun and earth was formed .    3 billion years ago life was formed .    2 billion years ago plants were formed .     1 billion years ago animals were formed .      evolution of life is created by mutations in DNA than benifit the new species .     5 million years ago there were about a dozen species of apes .      4 million years ago , homo erectus was created in africa .     this ape had a big brain and walked on two feet .      100 thousand years ago , us , ,homo sapiens , left africa to colonize the whole planet .    

many things set us apart from the rest of the animals .     we began to invent language , tools , farming plants and domesticating animals .       10, 000 years ago civilizations began to be created .     societies and cultures developed to create progress and technology .      trade allowed different tribes to share different ideas with each other .     at this point the genie was out of the bottle and its been full on ever since .    

2500 years ago the greeks created the foundation of modern society .     democracy , reason , drama , government , science , etc . were all created .       

250 years ago america created the idea of freedom for everyone .     freedom of speech for everyone .      the rule of law .       equality .     justice .      

now we are at a major time with a major global internet government to establish .

in the last millennium , people got together with different ideas about government .    there were many differences about government in regards to economics , relgion , etc.   however , in this millennium , the main job of government is to make sure that the population of every nation decreases .    this is because if your nation has an increasing population , then you are an aggressive and illegal government .   this is because if your nation is increasing in population , your nation will will exhaust its natural resourses , thus leading to immigration to other nations .     this is an unsustainable situation that we are in now that will soon lead to a depletion of all the natural resourses on earth .    by resourses Im mainly talking about water and oxygen , but also land and other things .    

this is a new millennium which calls for new laws , new leaders , new plans , and a broader more enlightened conciousness on everyones part .    we need global answers to global problems .     in fact , brahz , the only problem is human overpopulation on earth .     every problem is caused by overpopulation .    we have the technology to solve every problem , but only if we fix the root cause , which is overpopulation .      we continue on with these ridiculous and outdated policies that do not address the main issue .    overpopulation .     gig is custom made to solve this problem , and thus solve every problem .

gig baby , get on it .     

in the next billion years , humans will evolve into robots and these robots will colonize the universe and maybe keep a few humans as pets .     that would be nice .