gig is global internet government . .    gig is my web site .   I am Charles Webster Baer .

gig is the foundation for the future government of the world .    this is going to happen and the sooner the better .   gig is a social media and news outlet .      gig allows all humans to contribute to and participate in saving the world .      gig allows all humans to understand and be a part of what the united nations and international monetary fund are doing .      gig fully supports what the un and the imf are doing and wants to assist in this process .

the un and gig are uniting the world politically with freedom of speech and female reproductive rights .      the imf and gig are uniting the world economically with transparency and balanced budget amendments .       the on line presence of the un and imf sucks , and gig is here to not only fill that void but to make that on line presence the strength rather than the weakness .       this mission of saving the world is not a secret , its public and everyone should be involved to the fullest extent .

gig and the imf will unite the world economically and form economic unions just like Europe .      the imf and gig will create economic unions for asia and America so that these continents can have a single currency just like Europe .     these are the steps to one world currency .     eventually Africa and the middle east will also be ready to take this step but the pacific nation is ready now .    

gig and the un will unite the world politically with freedom of speech , democracy and female reproductive rights .      the key here is to save the environment .     to do that we need to decrease the human population on earth until it reaches a sustainable level .     this is a number that future generations will determine but its probably around two billion people .      a one woman one child policy for the whole planet is the only logical and fair way to do this .      step one of course is female reproductive rights .     according to gig , that means all humans have total and free access to every form of birth control .     it also means that a womans decision to no longer have any kids is a decision that must be supported by everyone legally , socially , culturally , financially , professionally , politically and in every other way by everyone .    

gig holds all these truths to be self evident .     if you support gig you are a gigga .     if you support freedom of speech and human rights then you support gig .     all this stuff , 

     and of course we can relax and have lots of fun saving the planet with gig as well .      its important to be positive , like me .      so , everything is going to be fine and we are all a bunch of smart and enlightened beings that will easily work all this out quickly and peacefully .      please have a wonderful day and may lotus blossoms land softly on your noggin .    

so , gig is the goal .    gig is what we are trying to establish here on earth in this millennium .     gig is the foundation .      gig is the blue print .     each generation will push gig forward .       gig is the plan , the way out of our current state of affairs .       the only way to save earth is for everyone to pitch in and help out .     gig will unite us and allow all of us to join together and get this done .       we need to communicate .      it starts at the top .     the u.n. and the i.m.f. need real leadership now .     leaders that can easily explain what the job is to everyone , how to do it , etc .       that's what gig is .   we are way behind sqedual  and need to hurry up .       

saving the earth will mean that we all need to contribute .     gig needs everyone to help out .    gig is here to make sure that all seven billion people can work together to save the earth .      we all need to work together and gig is here to facilitate that .      everyone can use gig to contribute and participate in uniting us together on line first and then off line .       we all play an important role and we first play that role on gig and then in real life .     thank you very much and please have a fantastic millennium .            ,