who are you

I am Charles Webster Baer

what is gig

gig is global internet government

what does gig do

​gig lays the foundation for a world government and world currency by following the united nations and the international monetary fund to its logical conclusions on line

whats your deal


why don't you get a life

I don't want a life

​does gig make any money

​no , however , its not about money and I also feel that gig will eventually make lots of money

​how is gig going to save the planet

​by helping lower the human population to a sustainable level and thus allowing the environment to heal and survive

how can I join

​if you support gig , your a gigga .     if you support freedom and human rights you support gig .      if you promote gig on social media your part of the gig team . 

is gig trying to take over earth

​no , gig is trying to assist humans in their cultural and social evolution so they can hurry up and arrive at a point where they decide not to kill the planet

you think your smarter than everyone else

no , I think all humans are equal and those of us that are lucky enough to get it together completely have a responsibility to share the knowledge with all

​do you believe in god

​no , all humans are agnostic and smart people realize this .     I am a Buddhist however Buddhism is not a religion it is a philosophy .     if I had to pick a religion I would pick atheism .     all institutions that claim knowledge of god are religions and atheism claims knowledge of god in that there is no god .      however , the concept of god is so vauge that it is hardly a concept in the first place .   to sum up , religion is out dated and environmentalism is my religion .    

are you god

everything is god

are you crazy

everyone is crazy

do you want to kill people

​I want all women to have the right to decide that they will not have kids and I want to advise them to make that decision

​then the human race will go extinct

​ok , according to your premise , then we should not turn on the air conditioner if its hot because we will freeze to death , or , if we are in iowa we should not drive south because we will land in the gulf of mexico and drown .      your premise is stupid and wrong .     all people alive today will die on a planet that has to many people on it .     the best solution is one woman one child policy that china use to have and the whole world needs now .     the question is what is the number that is sustainable .    the answer is for future generations to decide .    I think its two or three billion .    the point is this , its less that 8 billion and we should not roll the dice with our fate .     there is a point of no return and we have reached it or are rapidly approaching it and that's immoral .      its suicide .   

​what about local politics

​small potatos

what about the presidential race

gig supports Charles Webster Baer , libertarian , for president of the usa in 2016 and 2020 .

​why are you in china

I like china

china is against freedom of speech

its improving

china is polluting the planet

humans are polluting the planet

so only rich people should have kids

​this is not an economic class issue .    this is not a racial or religious issue .    this is a human issue .    all people must stop reproducing now .     period .    its very simple and it has nothing to do with money or skin color or god .  

​no one is listening to you

I'm listening to me

well that's nice

it is

whats the deal with gig and the IMF

​gig wants to help the IMF get its point across .    the IMF web site is shit .    gig will monitor all the financial transactions of all the governments on earth .    give all the people total transparency and accountability now .   the accuracy of these unofficial numbers will improve over time .     we must unite all of asia and all of north and south America now into continental economic unions just like how Europe has done it

​you use to babble on about the usa navy and gig

​that's right .    I'm on the fence about that one .     gig maps will include outer space , under ground , above water , under water , air space , etc .     the issue here is international water on the ocean and naval policy twords illegal ships carrying illegal aliens .     is this an act of war or a humanitarian crisis .     is this a job for the usa navy or the coast guard or someone else .    how close do they have to be before action is taken .   what action .     these are big questions that will soon demand big answers and the usa navy is the deer in the headlights on this , so . . . . . . . . gig will help clarify this matter .


​well , uh , I don't know .     blow em up is one option .    relocate is another .      we don't have to stress until it comes to our shores but in on in the med so lets see how Europe handles this .   

so , gig will eventually become the de facto default world government

unless someone else beats us to it .    this will all go down long after I die .

​whats your legacy

I will be the guy who was in the right place in the right time with the right stuff and nobody ever noticed

that's tragic

​not really .  Ive had lots of fun and no single individual can make any meaningful impact on human history .   

so you just going to keep gigging

its better than non gigging

​it sounds like you made gig just for yourself


.what is gig compliance

​a nation can only merge with other nations to form a larger nation if it is gig compliant .     for a nation to be gig compliant it needs to have a debt that is under 2% of GNP .    gross national product .    it needs to have inflation be under 3% for over 3 consecutive years .   it must have a balanced budget amendment .     that means if the lawmakers don't have a balanced budget , they have broken the law and they go to jail .    it must be a democracy with a free press .      it must have total freedom for everyone , including reproductive rights .      this is a gig compliant nation that is free to merge with other gig compliant nations to form a new nation

you have been critical of the IMF

​yes , the richest people on earth are the Europeans and they are the ones getting the IMF money .     Greece , Ukraine , etc .     this is totally wrong and it is destroying the IMF's legitimacy .    

​you have said that Russia is in play

​well ,  Russia sold us Alaska and that was great for us .     maybe in the future Russia sells east Russia to china , or japan , or a group of nations .     or maybe Russia becomes part of America or china .     its clear that Europe wants Russia bad .      that goes back centuries .     Russia is the golden goose , the x factor .     but Russia will probably just stay Russia .     in fact , I think the middle east will invade Russia up the middle .     world war 3 is shaping up to be the muslims vs. everyone else .     I'm betting on everyone else but I have to give up the points . 

your anti muslim

​I am unaware of any useful purpose that religion has in this millennium .   the cons have out weighed the pros for some time now in my estimation .  when I was young I realized that if I avoided everything about religion I would end up learning more about it than I wanted .    so I avoided everything about religion and I ended up learning way more about it than I wanted to know .   terrorists are just people who take religion seriously . 

​so your saying that religion is for the peasants

​the idea is that we all have the freedom to rise , or sink , to the spiritual level of our choice .   religion can and is changing to reflect reality and common sense and that is good .    

so gig is plan A , whats plan B

return to the stone age for a fresh start



war lords

hood style

​hows your musical career

​I'm working on a rock opera concept grunge space thing

future plans

go back to Oregon next year and apply for an Australian work visa residence permit

bye bye usa

​Ive flogged that horse to death .   my conditions to stay in America are gig .    take it or leave it .   I'm good either way .   I have a low threshold for boredom .