what is gig ?

gig is a web site , a social media news out let , an environmental movement , and an idea for this millennium created in this millennium .

what is gig going to do ?

gig will attempt to save earth by uniting the human race on common groung .     logic .   reason .    equality .    freedom .    decmocracy .    transparency .     and most importantly , a universal understanding that the correct thing for females to do is not have kids .    

if people dont reproduce , wont the human race go extinct ? 

that is one example of a statement that is both very correct and also very stupid .    I will give you two more examples .    lets say bob and fred are in an apartment in clevland .      its 95 degrees in the apartment and bob suggests that they turn on the air conditioner .     fred says that if they lower the tempature , they will both freeze to death .      what fred says is both correct and stupid .     then bob says , hey , lets drive south to a bar I know and have some beers .     fred then says that if they drive south they will drive into the gulf of mexico .    what fred says if both correct and stupid .      

what if gig never catches on ?

gig is inevitable .    gig will happen .    it may be something that is not gig but is very similar .      gig may not catch on but something almost exactly like gig will catch on and will catch on soon and fast .    humans will save themselves with gig or with something that is more or less the same thing as gig .     

what are the finances at gig ?

scarce .    but thats ok .     gig will need cash to grow , and hopefully that will happen .      but even if and when gig gets huge , gig will not give out any money .     all gig does is provide information and facilitate cooperation .      no cash .     just math .       

what is gig compliance ?

gig compliance is ranking a country with two grades .     one grade is on social issues , mainly female reproductive rights .       one grade is on financial issues , mainly low inflation and low debt .      the grade is from zero to ten .      0=bad .   10=good .      

what is gig green light ? 

gig green light is a ranking for a country that states that this country is ready now to be installed into one or more of the economic treaties in its region .      

what about women that choose to have many kids ?

all gig can do is try to explain to them how life would be better for them and for everyone is they did not have any kids .     I understand women want to have kids .      I want a solid gold space ship .     I dont need a solid gold space ship and I can have a happy and good life without one .

what if the planet is already toast ?

well , first , I will always assume we can save earth .     second , if we cant save earth , it sure as hell aint my fault .       thats very important to me because karma is my main thing .   

is gig anti religion ?

gig is non religious .     gig is 100% religion free .     gig is not pro religion or anti religion .     gig is zero religion .      there is no room in gig for any religion .      gig does not say religion is bad .     gig says that gig has nothing to do with religion , ever , period .      no , religion has been anti female forever , and it still is .      being pro female means giving women the tools they need to lead a good life .     those tools include birth control .     gig does not see how religion can have a positive effect in this millennium , but gig also does not care about that matter , so religion is a moot issue for gig .       all people are welcome in the gig house , just check your religion at the door and pick it up when you leave the gig house .     gig unites people , religion divides people .     gig focus is on reality .    

how does gig feel about immigration ?

gig supports zero immigration , just like all governments do .       gig supports negative immigration just like all governments will .      immigration will become a military issue because  a peaceful invasion is still an invasion and soon countries will simply declare that they will not be invaded .     this is a drag , but it goes to the heart of a nations security .        europe is in talks with mali , and all immigrants will get scooped up and dropped off there .      thats the future of immigration .     scoop em up and dump them back where they came from .    this is the new normal .     dont shoot the messanger .    

what does gig think about trump ?

america deserves the president america elects .     we do need to get rid of the electoral college .    gig is libertarian .      more freedom , less government .    

what about climate change ?

climate change is the politically correct way to say that humans have completely destroyed the planet and themselves and everything else because humans are evil , stupid and insane .     climate change sounds much better and nicer .      

gig sounds depressing .

no , gig is opptomistic , positive , happy .       its a great honor to be leading the cause and such a critical point in history .      we can have a good time an accomplish great things and also make lots of cash .     gig can , is , and will do it all .      

is gig in a hurry ?

yes , but gig is so mellow and chill that gig never seems to be in a rush .      gig has lots to accomplish as soon as it can .     this is a very time sensitive ball game .      but when gig has to choose between doing something fast and doing something right , gig will always choose right .     

what is F A Q ?

frequently asked questions .

where is gig head quarters ? 

where ever charles webster baer wakes up .

has anyone ever helped charles with gig ?

nope .

how old is gig ?

17 years old .

what is the gig slogan ? 

more trees , less humans .

gig sounds like it does not like humans .

humans are not as smart or good as they think they are .    we need to step it up , and fast .      we need to get out of this jam and then there will be plenty of time for us to pat each other on the backs .     right now humans are bread mold , or cancer .      Im just pumpin straight facts here .     humans can pull this out , but we need to get started soon .     we are way behind sqedual .