gig goes big with G1W1CP



G1W1CP = global one woman one child policy


g ' day mates .      gig has decided to move forward with 

g 1 w 1 c p .

global internet government today implemented a global one woman one child policy , effective immediately .     this policy will be in place for the next few centuries .   all females on earth now have two legal choices .     choice a is - dont ever get pregnant .     choice a is the recommended choice .     choice b is - get pregnant once .    there is no choice c .      

this is a major , historic step in the evolution of civilization as some human beings arrive at the conclusion that killing earth is a bad idea .     

sane people across the planet voiced support for - g 1 w 1 c p - as the only fair and rational response to the current reality of this millennium .    

charles webster baer

bend oregon usa earth

may 9 , 2019

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