in order to simplify things , so that more people can understand , let me dumb this down .      an environmentalist is a person who has no kids .       and environmentalist is someone who is part of the solution .     a non environmentalist , someone who has kids , is part of the problem .    the problem is that there are to many people on earth and not enough trees .    the solution is for people to stop having kids .    if you dont understand this then go back to .       environmentalists need to work with smart non environmentalist to save the planet .     a smart non environmentalist , or a gigga , is someone who has a kid or kids , but also believes in freedom of speech on line , equality , transparency , and total and free female reproduction rights world wide .      so environmentalists and giggaz will work together to save the earth and create a perfect world government .      thats what gig is .    gig is the meeting place , the common ground , the earth constitution , the logical next phase of the pacific millennium .    

environmentalism .      what is environmentalism .      well , it can mean different things to different people .       to me , environmentalism means saving the environment .     well , how can we save the environment .      well , to me , its pretty simple .      human overpopulation is killing the environment so we need to reduce the human population until the environment is no longer threatened .       so whats the sustainable number of people on earth .     well , that is for future generations to decide , but Im assuming the number is around 3 billion .      so , an environmentalist is someone who does not reproduce .       if you dont have any kids , your an environmentalist and your part of the solution .     if you have kids , your not an environmentalist and your part of the problem .     as far as I can tell , thats the simple , ,logical way to look at it .    

what is the environment .      the environment is plants .      so why do we need plants .      we need plants to make oxygen so we can breathe .     also , we need plants to eat .     so , soon , there will not be enough plants to make enough oxygen for people to breathe .      so , in a century or two all humans and animals will suffocate to death .      thats a drag .      so , we need to make sure that does not happen .     so we need to take steps now to make sure that does not happen .     those steps are gig .     those steps are all females on earth being allowed to get pregnant once in thier life time or zero times in there life times .       this is the one woman one child policy .     china use to do this and it worked .    now the whole planet needs to do this for a few centuries .     

this stuff is all pretty easy to understand .    I figured all this out as a kid .     so I dont really understand why people dont get it .      human stupidity is infinite .      however , my resolve is also infinite , so we will just wait and see how this lame soap opera plays out .      try to be on the right side of history on this one .     its not time to remove stupid people from the earth but it is time to remove stupid people from the governments of earth .