gig is evolving to a point where all humans on earth will have instant access to all information about every government on earth .    gig will soon provide all people with immediate and extremely accurate and detailed accounts of how every government spends all of its money .     

gig will give everyone the platform to understand and express their own unique political views .     gig will let us all know when local elections are , who is running .     gig will encourage all people to run for public office .     gig will let people know who the political parties are in their area , what they stand for , how to join , and how to start new parties .    

gig will create a perfect usa government on line , and then a perfect government for all countries on line , and then a perfect usa government off line , and then perfect governments for all countries off line , and then gig will create a perfect usa , and then a perfect world .

gig will be 100% transparent in everything it does .       gig  is the greatest thing ever and the only path twords saving the environment and everything else .      most people support gig even though they have never even heard about it .     in the past , gig was banned and censored .     this was a drag , but those days seem to be ending and gig is now ready to get started .     better late than never .    


my name is charles webster baer 

this is my auto biography

I am 50 years old .    Im a white guy .     I have never been married and I have no kids .      Im an atheist , an agnostic and a buddhist .    

I was born and raised in santa cruz , california .     I am a third generation californian .    I went to high school in newport , rhode island .     in 1994 I graduated from the university of hawaii at hilo .    in 1995 I moved to santa fe , new mexico .       this is where I began my career as an environmentalist .      in 1999 I moved to portland oregon .     in 2000 I created global internet government .      I have been working on and promoting gig ever since .     in 2007 I moved to bend oregon .   from 2014 to 2017 I lived in china teaching english .     now its 2018 and Im back in bend .      I plan on spending the rest of my life working on and promoting gig , among other things .

I like to surf , snowboard , hike , paint , and do other stuff .   

now that Im an old man I have decided to spend the rest of my life as a person who is always and forever relaxed , calm , optomistic , positive , polite , happy , and a upstanding and contributing member of society .      

when my drama free existence ends I would like to cremated and have my ashes scattered into the pacific ocean , with perhaps a few of my ashes scattered from a helicopter over the west maui mountains .       when I say the pacific ocean what I mean is the end of the warf in santa cruz .      

I have had a great life and want to thank all my family for being so great , and so great to me .       thank you .    I also want to thank all my friends for thier support and patience and good times .

if gig catches on , thats great .     if not , thats fine as well .       gig was for me first , and everyone else second .      Im sure some form of gig will emerge or has already emerged .    the question is will it emerge in time .     another question will also be , does baer get any credit .