gig was born in north east portland oregon usa in the spring of 2000 .      gig was published by many surf and snowboard magazines .     in 2008 was created as were many you tube videos .      gig has yet to reach a critical mass .       hopefully , eventually , gig will gain some traction somewhere and solidify its position as a dominate force in the world media .     so thats the gig biography .     a bit short .     now lets look at another biography .     that of a certain charles webster baer . 

charles was born and raised in santa cruz , california , usa .      charles went to high school in newport , rhode island , usa .      in 1994 charles graduated from the university of hawaii at hilo with a BA in political science .       charles then moved to santa fe , new mexico , usa .      in 1999 charles moved to portland oregon usa .     in the spring of 2000 charles created gig .      charles is the owner , founder , president of gig .     in 2007 charles moved to bend oregon usa .      in 2014 charles moved to china for three years .       now charles is back in bend oregon usa . 

charles is a 49 year old white male .     charles has no kids and has never been married .       charles became a buddhist at age 21 .       charles is slightly miffed that its been 17 years and gig still has not caught on .     oy vey .     life goes on .     charles is currently considering returning to china .     

please vote for charles webster baer , libertarian , for president of the 

U S A 

in 2020 and 2024 .    thank you .