hello .

​my name is Charles Webster Baer .

I am a 47 year old American living in Hangzhou ,  china .

​I was born and raised in santa cruz , California , usa .    I went to high school in Newport , rhode island , usa .     this is where I decided to become an environmentalist .     to me , the definition of an environmentalist is someone who can convince humans to stop breeding .    in 1994 I graduated from the university of Hawaii at hilo on the big island with a B.A. in political science .      in 1995 I moved to santa fe , new mexico , usa , to work on what eventually would become global internet government .      in 1999 I moved to Portland , Oregon , usa .     in the spring of 2000 I created gig , global internet government .       to learn more about gig , click gig .      ever since I created gig I have been improving it and promoting it .      in 2007 I moved to bend Oregon usa and in 2014 I moved to china .      I am white , straight , Buddhist , and I have never been married and I don't have any kids .      I am running for president of the usa in 2020 and 2024 as a libertarian .      I was elected president of earth in 2008 , 2009 and 2010 .       in 2014 I was anointed the first and last king of earth .     I'm an ordinary guy .   

​so I want to try to break this down for y ' all on a very simple level .      we are humans .    we breath oxygen .    trees make oxygen .    if we kill to many trees we wont have enough oxygen to breath .    then we will die .      the bad news is that we have killed to many trees .    so , what we need now is less humans and more trees .      what we have done , because we are stupid and crazy and evil , is commit suicide as a species .      we have destroyed to the earth .     so we need to stop that now .      this is all simple , common sense stuff .    logic .    so I don't know why people don't get this stuff.      apparently , however , they don't .    so I try to explain it to people .    apparently I have not done a very good job .     I have devoted my whole life to bring this news to my species .     I have failed .     sorry about that .   I gave it all I had .    as the new generation starts to figure this stuff out , I wish them all the best and I am around if they need my assistance .   

​we need to define what civilization means in this millennium .    in the third millennium a.d. , civilization means that all females have the right to choose for themselves if they want to be married or not , if they want to have kids or not , etc .       females should be supported if they make the recommended choice to not ever get married and not ever have kids .     this is the choice a female will make if she wants to be part of the solution .     there should be no social or cultural or peer pressure on this choice .     however , if there is , then it should be on the correct side .     this millennium the correct side is the no marriage no kids side .     also , females should not be allowed to be pregnant more than once .      this is the one woman one child policy that china used to have .     this policy needs to be global for a few centuries until the human population reaches a sustainable level of around two billion .    

​its been great to be the one who not only came up with this historical stuff .    its been great to be the one who invented the future .     as more countries rise up to lead the species into the future and unite the world with global internet government , we race against the ecological clock .     countries in asia and south America and Scandinavia , nations like Australia and Canada , india  and Russia will help move gig forward .